Secretariat is one of the best thoroughbred racehorses of all time and was the first US Triple crown winner in 25 years. Secretariat was a magificent runner when he was in shape but also had some bad races due to disease and other inflictions. Disney made a live action film based on the life of secretariat in 2010. He also recieved a number of other acculades such as being named the 35th best athlete of the 20th century by ESPN and being named the second best horse of the 20th century after Man o’ War by The Blood-Horse magazine.

Secritariat is a very controverisal horse. Some think he is the best horse of all times while other thinks he was a good horse with a great PR agent. He has also caused some controversy surounding whether or not he was a good breeder.

Secritariety had a very good career that started a little rocky with him finishing 4th in his first race. He would however go on to win the next 5 races he entered. His winning streak was broken at the Champagne Stakes where he finished first but was awarded second place after getting disqualified for bearing in and interfering with Stop the Music. Stop the music was named the winner of the race. He then finsihed his season as a two year old with two wins. He won American Horse of the Year as a two year old horse. An honor only shared with Favorite Trick.

As a 3 year old he would go on to dominate the triple crown races (more on this under : triple crown) and won a number of different important races. For a full list of important victories you should read further down on the page.

Secretariat was retired to become a stud as a 3 year old. He went on to sire 600 foals. One of his first foals was Canadian Bound that was the first foal to be sold for more than 1 million. Canadian Bound, was to become a complete failure as a race horse. Secretariat recieved a lot of critic for seemingly being unable to produce male offspring that were of anywhere near his standard. He did however sire a number of successfull fillies and has damsired a number of succesfull stallions. It is believed that the gene that made Secretariat such a good race horse was located in the X cromosome and as such it could only be passed to females who in turn could pass them on to stallions.

In 1989 secretariat was afflicted with laminitis, a very painful disease that forced the vets to eutanize him.

Short Info

  • Born: 1970
  • Died: 1989
  • Sex: Stallion
  • Color: Chestnut
  • Nicknames: Big Red
  • Breeder: Christopher Chenery
  • Owner: Christopher Chenery, Penny Chenery
  • Trainer: Lucien Laurin
  • Earnings: $1,316,808 , About 7 million in today’s money
  • Record: 21: 16-3-1

Pedigree of Secretariat

SireBold Ruler Nasrullah Nearco
Mumtaz Begum
Miss Disco Discovery
DamSomethingroyal Princequillo Prince Rose
Imperatrice Caruso

Important Victories

Secreteriat won a total of 16 races. Among the most improtant are:

Sanford Stakes (1972)
Hopeful Stakes (1972)
Futurity Stakes (1972)
Laurel Futurity (1972)
Garden State Futurity (1972)
Bay Shore Stakes (1973)
Gotham Stakes (1973)
Arlington Invitational (1973)
Marlboro Cup (1973)
Man o’ War Stakes (1973)
Canadian International (1973)
Kentucky Derby (1973)
Preakness Stakes (1973)
Belmont Stakes (1973)

Triple Crown

Secretariat won the tripple crown in a spectacular fashion and was so dominant that a bet on him at the Belmont Stakes only payed 10:1. In other words you had to bet 10 bucks to win 1.

The Kentucky Derby

Secritariet was one of the favorites in the Kentucky Derby and won the race ahead of sham. Sham was a very good horse that is likely to have won the triple crown any other year but that due to the bad luck of competing against secreteriat never got that honor. Secretariat won the race with a time of 1:59 2⁄5. A track record that stands to this day.

The Preakness Stakes

Secretariat won the Preakness Stakes in front of Sham without ever really getting challenged. He won by more than 2 horse lengths. There was some controversy surrounding the final race time. Eventually the race time was decided to be 1:53. A race record that stands to this day.

The Belmont Stakes

The Belmont Stakes was never really in competition. Only 4 other horses entered the race. Knowing they would not be able to beat secretariat. Among the horses that entered was Sham that had placed second in the two previous races and three horses that never really was expected to stand a chance, Twice A Prince, My Gallant, and Private Smiles.

Secretariat won the race in a new record time of 2:24 to complete his triple crown. This is not only a record time at the Belmont Stakes but also the standing record time for 1½ miles on dirt. No horse have ever even came within one second of breaking this record.