3 Punters Who Won Big in Horse Betting

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The history of horse betting dates back to thousands of years with punters considering it as a lucrative pastime. A significant number of online bettors have thrown their weights behind horse betting, making it the second-ranked betting market after soccer. While not so many people have been fortunate enough to reap big from horse betting, a considerable number of punters find it a cup of tea and as a result, milk huge bonuses from it. This article highlights three punters with clean records of winning big in horse betting.

JP McManus aka Sundance Kid

JP McManus, a 62-year old Irish business mogul, is a fearless legendary gambler who bets to a tune of $1 million on a single horse race. He is a seasoned horse bettor who is well known for his skills when it comes to picking stakes. McManus has a humble beginning as a bookmaker and has by far earned himself a reputation as Daredevil who takes any wager, however big, without fearing a thing. When it comes to betting, Sundance Kid surely has balls of steel. Despite being a brazen bettor, McManus is both polite and unassuming gentleman. He is known for winning $1.3 million within a single day at Cheltenham in 2006.

Steve Whiteley

Steve Whiteley is a heating engineer of North Devon who won himself a whopping $1.68 million Tote Jackpot in March 2011 after spending only $2.30 in betting. Ideally, Whiteley was himself not a horse racing man and only attended countable meetings throughout the year. During the earlier races, Whiteley had taken multiple selections. However, upon realizing that he would have to part with approximately $40 for betting, he bolted out and only settled for a single line. Lupita landed Whiteley’s final leg of jackpot win at 12/1 odds. Surprisingly, this was also the horse’s only win in 26 starts hurdles. The best it ever finished after that was in the seventh position at Chepstow in April same year.

Agnes Haddock

Agnes Haddock features as one of the most famous scoop6 bet winners. Just for an outlay of $2.3, this one-time cleaning lady managed to scoop a clean $474,856 monster during the selection of requisite six winners in 2007. During the following week’s bonus race, Haddock once again managed to win a whopping $322,048. Collectively, she was able to pocket $796,905 within the short stint of time. In selecting her six winners, Haddock would consider coincidences as a determinant. For instance, during that race, Taranis, her chosen horse, wore a cloth marked number 13 which was coincident with her date of birth. In the long run, the system worked perfectly well as her choice for 9/4 winner Taranis landed her the bonus race, and she ultimately secured the massive payout. Later on, Haddock decided to set up a syndicate and barely two years after her big win, she resurfaced at scoop6, and the group landed a $582,101 share.

It is always pleasant to hear tales of punters beating the bookies. More interesting is that even with a small bet outlay, you can still have a massive win. The three punters represent many more punters who have reaped fortunes from horse betting.

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