The Best Horses Of All Time



Welcome to Supreme horse. A website devoted to truly great race horses. Race horses that stands head and shoulders above all others in the history of horse racing. Our goal is only to honor the best of the best, we do not seek to rank them in comparison to eachother. That has been done before and everyone has their own favorite among these horses that they would like to see on top of the list. Think of this as our little hall of fame for the best race horses in the world. That they have been included means that they are among the best race horses that have ever lived. Dissecting it any further would be doing theses horses a disfavor as we should honor them all.

Are supreme horses good for the horse racing

Some would argue that truly supreme horses detract from the races they enter by removing any doubt about who will win the race. Others would say that it is poetry in motion to see these horses race and that their fame help attract new people to the sport.

If you are a true horse lover you are likely to belong to the second category who love these horses and what they bring to the sport. If you on the other hand are a gambler (who might or might not love the sport) the answer might not be as easy. Supreme horses tend to offer very low odds since they are so extremely likely to win. To some, this makes gambling on them seem more like investing than gambling. As you will get a very low return but also face very little risk if you bet money on these horses in these races. Some gamblers enjoy safe bets while other prefer races that are harder to predict where they can get a better return. If you prefer betting on races that give you higher odds you can find plenty of betting tips on races without a clear favorite by visiting horse racing websites online. There is always a good race to gamble on whatever your preferences and if you for any reason cant find a good race to bet on you can always choose not to gamble that day or to try online poker or casino gambling. If you want to try playing poker online I recommend you visit If you want to try your luck at an online casino I recommend Leo Vegas. A truly great online casino with a spectacular mobile casino.

We here at thinks that supreme horses adds a lot to the sport of horse racing. It is true that they might make gambling boring but truly supreme horses is a very rare thing and they compete in a very low number of the overall races. The beauty and grace they bring to the sport and the awe inspiring marvel one feel when watching these horses race far outweighs anything and everything else.

The greatest race horses of all time

The list below is not meant to be a complete list of the best horses in history. We have been forced to leave out many very deserving names that we hope to feature on this website eventually.

Man O War

Man o’ War is considered one of the best race horses of all times. He was a thoroughbred born in 1917. He had a long successful life and racing career before he died in 1947. Man o’ War won two of the three triple crown races, missing only a Kentucky derby win to complete the crown. He could likely have won the crown but his owner choose not to enter him into the Kentucky derby because he didn’t like racing in Kentucky. The triple crown was at this time not as prestigious as it is today.

Man o’ War entered the racing world as a two year old when he won 9 out of the 10 races he entered. Man o’ War almost won the last race as well but lost to Upset (horse name) after a really bad start. During his second year of racing as a three year old Man o’ War went on to win all 11 races he entered. He also broke 3 world records. After his second year of racing he was retired to be a stud and Man o’ War sired 64 champions.

Sea Biscuit

sea biscuitSea Biscuit is a very famous thoroughbred stallion that has been feature in several film including the 2003s Sea Biscuit. Sea biscuit was a decedent of Man o’ War. His father was Hard Tack who was the son of Man o’ War. Sea biscuit was small for a race horse and had a slow start to his career. He would however become a true champion and his underdog rags to riches story became a symbol of hope for many during the great depression.

Sea Biscuit was born in 1933 and had a relatively short life dying in 1947 shortly before his birthday. Sea Biscuit did however have a long racing career spanning between 1935 and 1940


Secretariat is without doubt one of the best horses of all time. Many would say the best. Secritariat was a thoroughbred born is 1970 and died in 1989. He showed signs of being a great horse very early and won his first races as a 2 year old. In 1973 he won the very prestigious triple crown. He set new records in all of the triple crown finals.

  • Kentucky Derby 1:59
  • Preakness Stakes 1:53
  • Belmont Stakes 2:24

Those records still stands to this day.

After secretariat stopped racing he had a long and sometimes criticized career as a stud. He sired more than 600 foals and among them you find champions such as Lady’s Secret, Risen Star, Tinners Way and Kingston Rule.

Phar Lap

Phar Lap was a thoroughbred born 1926 in New Zeland. He would grow up to dominate Australian Horse racing. He was also called “Wonder Horse”, “Red Terror”, “Big Red” and “Bobby”. He won a number of prestigious races.

Unfortunately Phar Lap attracted a mysterious illness and died in 1932 as a five year old. He did due to his unfortunate demise not do any stud work and he did not sire any foals. Phar Laps Hide has been mounted and is one display at the Melbourne museum. His Heart can be seen at National Museum of Australia in Canberra and his bones at Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa .


ruffianRuffian was a very good thoroughbred racehorse born in 1972. She won all her races with ease and her life was made into the movie Ruffian in 2007. Ruffian had a very short career as she was euthanized due to injuries she sustained in a race 1975. She critically injured her leg in the race making the injury a lot worse by continuing to run on the injured leg. She received surgery after the injury but in the end they had to put her down. Her death caused public outcry over the treatment of horses in horse racing and a lot of changes was implemented due to the reaction to her death.

Sea Bird 2

Sea bird was a thoroughbred racehorse born in 1962. The horse entered 8 races during its career and won seven of those races. The two most important victories came in Epsom Derby and the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. he remains one of the highest rated horses of all times. After his career ended sea bird went on to become a stud and sired several champions. Sea Bird died in 1963.


FrankelFrankel is the only living horse on this page. He was born in 2008 and had a very successful career from 2010 to 2012. He is currently the highest rated race horse in history according to timeform. Frankel is expected to be worth at least £100 million, maybe more. His Stud rate in 2013 was £125,000 and he covered 133 mares of which 126 became with foal.

Frankel won a number of highly coveted races including Queen Elizabeth II Stakes (2011), Lockinge Stakes (2012), Queen Anne Stakes (2012), International Stakes (2012) and Champion Stakes (2012).